Benjamin D.

Alumnus at Grove City College

Class of 2019

Current: Grove City, PA

Hometown: Providence, RI

Major: Marketing Management

Minor: Graphic Design

My Schedule:

Monday: 11 a.m.

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My favorite thing about Grove City College is...

The people. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I have never been in a place quite like GCC where professors want to help you out and get to know you personally. From the president on down, everyone I've met at GCC is passionate about helping me succeed and grow both spiritually and academically.

After college, I want to...

work for a Marketing company (or start one) where I can help bring companies into the 21st-century. Too many amazing companies with fantastic products are invisible online, either because they haven't thought about a digital presence (website, social media, etc.) or because their digital presence is stuck in the 1990s. I want to help them expand that presence so that 1) they can help as many people as possible with their products, and 2) stay afloat as an organization in a very competitive environment.

My friends and I like to...

sing hymns around the piano in the Chapel on Saturday nights, play Magic: The Gathering whenever we can, and discuss philosophical and religious topics over dinner (or down at Beans on Broad--a fantastic local coffee shop).

When I was looking for a college, I wish I had been told...

Don't stress out about the residence life! Living in community is a wonderful thing, and while there is a lot of adjusting to do, it is an overall positive experience, especially at Grove City College. The Resident Assistants (RAs) live on the hall and help foster both spiritual and academic growth, and help set the mood of the hall--some halls like to play video games while others participate in sports (for example). Especially freshman year, the relationships that are built often last well after college is over.

I'm passionate about...

Helping People Succeed Academic Excellence Church Membership Inbound Marketing Austrian Economics Grove City College Missions Touring Choir Jesus Marketing Guitar Making people laugh Meeting people Networking Graphic Design

I'm involved with...

DJ Student Missions Fellowship CRU Lux Mea Touring Choir
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