Rachel W.

Alumnus at Grove City College

Class of 2018

Current: Butler, PA

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

After college, I want to...

...get a job as a computer programmer. I am considering going to graduate school to get my Masters Degree, but I may pursue this degree at the same time that I am working. Besides my job, I hope to be involved in the church near my house or apartment, wherever that may be.

My favorite thing about Grove City College is...

...the people! At GCC, I have found an atmosphere that is so encouraging. There is so much support from my professors and fellow classmates that I have never experienced before in my life. I have grown to appreciate people and all they have to teach me since being a student here.

When I was looking for a college, I wish I had been told...

...the reputation of the Career Services office. That is something that I had not considered much at all while looking for colleges. The Career Services office at GCC has a fantastic job placement rate, and I am glad to have been given so many opportunities to pursue the best job for me after graduation. The staff at the CSO is always helpful and encouraging in this job search process.

My friends and I like to...

...watch movies. Most weekends nights are spent watching Disney movies or chick flicks, wearing our pajamas and eating chocolate. I also enjoy going to board game nights on the weekends and exploring Grove City on walks around town.

I'm passionate about...

computer programming Learning from other people Playing the Flute American Sign Language Jesus

I'm involved with...

Society of Women Engineers Adopt a Grandparent Computer Science Tutoring American Sign Language Club Association of Computing Machinery Newman Club Marching Band
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