Luke V.

Alumnus at Grove City College

Current: North Huntingdon, PA

Hometown: North Huntingdon, PA

Employer: Westinghouse Electric Company

Major: Mechanical Engineering


What did you treasure most about your experience at Grove City College?

I really treasured living within five minutes of all my best friends. Being a part of a community of individuals that constantly built each other up, encouraged each other, and always had fun together is unmatched to anything I could have expected headed in to college. It was a truly unique experience that I look back on as easily the best four years of my life.

My friends and I like to...

play sports, participate in Bible study, watch TV shows, and do fun and adventurous things

How did Grove City College prepare you for life after college?

I really grew up during my four years at Grove City College. I learned how I learn the best as well as how to persevere. My strong work ethic that I had entering college was challenged. I also think Grove City College did an adequate job at preparing me to be exceptional at whatever I do in life, and that as a Christian in my professional field, I have an added responsibility to uphold my moral beliefs and let them become compromised.

My favorite thing about Grove City College is...

the people that go here and work here because the sense of community you feel here is unmatched to anything you've experienced before.

I'm passionate about...

Baseball Eating Spending Time with Family & Friends Sports Spending Time Outdoors Cooking Reading

I'm involved with...

Student Ambassador American Society of Mechanical Engineers IM Sports Baseball
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