Melissa L.

Receptionist and Tour Guide at Grove City College

Class of 2018

Hometown: Dunlap, IL

Major: Economics

Minor: Mathematics

When I was looking for a college, I wish I had been told...

Don't underestimate the importance of campus culture. Finding a place where you feel like you fit in and make a difference is important!

After college, I want to...

enter an Economics Ph.D program. I would love to teach and do research at the college level!

My friends and I like to...

take walks on campus, discuss anything from music to theology, and, of course, drink lots of coffee.

My favorite thing about Grove City College is...

Faculty members that are committed to the intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of their students and students committed to academic excellence and personal growth.

I'm passionate about...

Economics Reading Faith Communication

I'm involved with...

Student Faculty Review Committee Crown and Sceptre Service Honorary Resident Assistant Student Government Association
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