Stephanie G.

Tour Guide at Grove City College

Class of 2019

Hometown: Wheeling, WV

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Biblical & Religious Studies

My favorite thing about Grove City College is...

the friendly environment that allows me to grow. It's not too big; not too small. Grove City College harbors all the aspects of a private education that I love (especially personalized academics), while also being large enough to have campus wide events (such as fun dances).

When I was looking for a college, I wish I had been told...

that it's okay to not have everything planned out or be the master of all trades. Though deciding on a college to attend is a big decision, it is meant to cater to your aspirations. Everything you've accomplished so far is what has shaped you. Listen to your friends and family as well as yourself when deciding, but don't stress to the point of disparity when the decision is hard. The beauty of life is that there is no set list of rules to accomplish.

My friends and I like to...

hike, go on adventures to the surrounding area, go to dances together, play board games and drink fizzy grape juice, play various sports, and sometimes just chill.

After college, I want to...

pursue something that allows me to use my public speaking to entertain others...Maybe a cruise activities director, or even a talk show host (that would be the dream)!

I'm passionate about...

Attending dances Teaching at nature camp Playing Piano I love to be outdoors. Public Speaking

I'm involved with...

Cooking/Baking Hiking/Backpacking Ski club Radio Show Host
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